• Why is it that the only messages I get on tumblr are from creepy as fuck males trying their hardest to express in layman’s terms how they want to rape me? Really find it all very fucking tedious and pathetic.

    Take your overprivileged asses back to the field and make me a fucking hard earned days wage instead of sitting behind your computer touching your floppy cock. 

  • Dear diary,

    When I see a fuzzy caterpillar I have to stroke it. Is this normal?

  • Anonymous

    Only by guys who use capital letters in their sentences.

  • It hadn’t been a day when everything had turned out right –
    She called me up and asked me to come over in the night,
    To make her cups of tea and listen quietly as she starts
    To list the latest list of bastards who have trampled on her heart.

    (Source: thisnoiseismusic)