• deadfurriez:

    Considering selling Francis..I love this guy but he was kind of a random splurge, and I feel like he needs a better home. He’s a wild arctic red fox. He has all paws and all claws, no pads. His ears are missing the cartilage. He has a slip on his face in a diamond shape, doesn’t look too bad though, you can see it in the first picture. Other than that the pelt is very nicely intact. Professionally tanned, supple leather and the fur does not shed. No bad smell.

    The top picture is his face currently, rehydrated and reshaped, it’s a bad quality photo and his color is washed out in it. The other pictures show off his color better, those ones are before I reshaped his face.

    Also if you’d like, I can secure some straps on the sides of his face so that he can be tied upon your head and his body can drape over your back like a headdress.

    Private message me offers.